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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy birthday to my Coley. 4 months late. I realized I never posted a happy birthday to him on my blog and I thought that just wasn't fair to all my readers. Which means my mom. Didn't his cake turn out so cute mom?

I love you Cole. Now no more getting big.


Trisha said...

Angie, your kids are soooo cute. I need to hurry and have a little girl so she can meet up with one of your boys and they can get married someday! We miss you guys and we definitely need to plan a reunion!!!

McEntire Family said...

Hello! I read your blog and love pics of your boys. Hopefully we can do something this summer! Kade was excited to get a Christmas picture from your parents because he recognized most of you! We got a lot of cards from people he doesn't know and he was kind of annoyed! Isn't Xavier's birthday coming up soon? You guys are busy!

Brett said...
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Cheryl said...

YO! I read your blog :)
Cute cute cake and his face is priceless looking at it. Adorable.

Also LOVED your camping post. I might just do that cause I'm too afraid to camp for real here because of the scorpions. Brad said there were just as scary things in Utah but I never saw them so I disagree.

oh, one more thing. Our baby monitor finally died and we both thought of you guys. Remember when we stayed at your house last and had that thing on.....playing games and finally you and Nick burst at the same time to turn it off. I laugh about that often by the way :)

Miss you so much.

Alisha said...

Ang, this tuned out really cute! The Cake -those decorating classes will pay off for the rest of your life and I'm envious-, the cupcakes, the banner. It's all cute and fresh.

Alisha said...

And Cole. He's beautiful.